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You don’t think it can happen until it happens to you – Part 2

You don’t think it can happen until it happens to you - Part 2

Any damage restoration, no matter the kind, cannot begin until that initial phone call. In an emergency your mind is bogged down thinking of your belongings, home, etcetera, so your last concern should be about who is going to repair it all; especially when time is of the essence. As mentioned in a previous blog, a PVC pipe connected to a toilet cracked which caused extensive water damage when a major leak flooded two bedrooms, the main hallway and two bathrooms at my family lake house. With Restor-It’s credentials, there was no hesitation that they could assist us. Restor-It is an IICRC Certified firm, which means that they have the proper certifications to facilitate restoration and remediation needs, which are available 24/7. Typically, restorations professionals need a timeline of the damage and what caused it so they know what to expect. Even though we were unsure of when the water damage occurred (we estimated 2-3 days prior but it could have been way before), Restor-It was still able to successfully help!


Less than 24 hours later, the Restor-It team was at our lake house beginning the first phase of the water damage restoration process, the assessment. The water damage, type of damage, areas affected and potential safety concerns were inspected. This was a crucial step because it determined the plan of action for the duration of the restoration process. We had standing water up to at least three inches that produced mold growth on furniture, doors and baseboards. Every plan of action varies slightly depending on the circumstance, and in ours, our plan of action began with throwing out everything. Due to mold concerns, the Restor-It team helped us throw away furniture to picture frames to bed spreads immediately. If possible, it is imperative to identify and stop the water source as soon as possible. We were able to do this prior to Restor-It’s arrival which helped speed along the restoration process. We recommend that every household member know where the water source is located and how to turn it off. 


After all of our belongings were removed, the water removal/extraction process began. Through the use of powerful submersible pumps, wet/dry vacuums and squeegees, all the areas impacted had water removed quickly, allowing for a significant reduction in drying time and the potential for mold growth. Upon water removal, our carpet pad and carpet were inspected. Both were removed to protect the subfloor. 


Despite prompt and efficient water removal, everything was not necessarily dry. Drywall and wood still retain water and moisture which leads to warping, swelling and mold. Given that we were unsure of when the water damage exactly happened, we experienced all of these issues prior to the drying process, and still had to deal with them after. Industrial air movers were brought in to further assist in the drying process and evaporate the moisture by creating airflow. Industrial dehumidifiers improved the swelling and warping. Throughout the drying process moisture levels were monitored in floors and walls until it met their drying goals. 


The Restor-It team then quickly worked to remove the mildew and mold odor that lingered in the air. To add to their specialized equipment were industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment to treat difficult odors. After a deodorization treatment, they cleaned and sanitized with sanitizing and disinfectant treatments. 


Due to personal reasons beyond our control, we have not started the restoration process. However, we are confident that when we are ready, the Restor-It team will be ready to go instantly and help restore our lake house back to normal so that in no time we can enjoy our house once more! Throughout this restoration process, Restor-It made it less stressful by communicating transparently and acting with a sense of urgency. Without their highly specialized technology and dedicated team, we might have had a different and damaging outcome.


Restor-It team ready to go!

Main hallway saturated with water

Mold on door, wall and baseboards