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The Endless Summer

Summer invokes feelings of vacationing, relaxing and unwinding beneath the warm summer sun. The real bummer about summer, however, is that it’s fleeting, but what if it didn’t have to be? Or, what if you didn’t have to travel far and wide to be in a tropical oasis? The inspiration behind decorating your home this summer is attaining an endless summer; filling it with colors and decor that are meant to stand the test of time (or at least after summer has ended), escaping you to a tropical destination and enhancing your mood, all within the comfort of your own home. 

Bold and vibrant colors reminiscent of a sunrise or sunset, ones that burst and stimulate such as reds, oranges, yellows and pinks are the color palette of endless summer 2022. The goal is to feel saturated with happiness and warmth that radiates from your walls. However, just like you’d take a dip in the pool or ocean to keep yourself refreshed, you’ll want to cool your room with accents of greens and blues for a soothing and calming effect to feel immersed in nature. Experts predict that blue, especially, will be the contrast of choice, given its various hues and shades that coordinate well with any color and is a universally beloved and relaxing color. To accent with green or blue, try painting your trim, rather than plain white- not only is this trend gaining traction, but it adds interest and visual appeal. Monochromatic rooms encapsulate the summer feel by submerging you via the walls, trim and ceiling with the colors of summer. Painting your ceiling in a lacquer or high-gloss finish is not only sleek, but it will also reflect light so it will feel as if the sun is shimmering inside. 

An endless summer is all about blurring the line between the indoors and the outdoors, bringing the indoors outside and vice versa. By adding tropical plants, or any lush vegetation, real or fake, an instantaneous island atmosphere is created. To go the extra mile, place eye-catching greenery wallpaper on your walls- like cacti blossoms or palm prints. Rearrange your furniture away from traditional focal points like the fireplace, a painting or television towards your exterior views, this will make each room “feel” like a sunroom. Furniture made from wicker and woven materials, or natural materials like bamboo, cane, raffia and rattan provide a natural aura that furniture made from other materials cannot match. To complete the look, swap out your floors for terracotta tiles. Not only do they look and feel summer-y with their warm, natural earth tones, but they’re inexpensive and durable, too. As for the outside, include indoor elements like a kitchen, television, couches, tables, chairs and lights to further blur the line between inside and outside, it will feel like an extension of your living spaces. For a resort feel, include an at home tiki bar, and lounge chairs with umbrellas by your pool, if applicable.

As far as accents and decor, there is a push towards sculptural and art-inspired pieces. 

Continuing on trend for 2022 is rounded furniture and or in the case of endless summer, any pieces that have silhouettes like the sun. Scalloped designs in drapery, bedding and wall treatments will dominate this summer because of their rounded edges, but also how they mimic seashells. However, with the trend of 2022 being maximalism, don’t be afraid to incorporate abstract shapes, curves and wobbly lines for movement; or combining textures and patterns, like gingham or stripes to continue the summer feel. If lush, luxurious furniture is your preference over more natural looking furniture, select furniture in shades of fiery reds or tranquil blues to achieve the summer look. 

Whether you decide to go more natural looking, resort style or exploding with color, soak up the blazing, glowing, burning rays of summer and chase the sun from your own home, all year long.