Some Inspiration For Your Next Renovation!

Spring into a Clean Home!

It can be challenging to hear the word “renovation” and not envision walls torn down, contractors everywhere or money being spent at every turn. The truth is renovations can be as simple or complicated as you desire. They don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to make a noticeable difference. The process doesn’t have to last six months to transform your home. They don’t always require a professional to get the job done. The end look will consistently outweigh the negatives, and ultimately, you will have a home that you will be proud of.

 After the long bleak months of winter, your curb appeal is probably not so appealing anymore. Reclaim your home’s allure by rejuvenating the front door and entryway. Simply repaint or replace the front door with a color that contrasts but simultaneously coordinates with your home’s color, and then tie it all together with a spring wreath. Potted plants and a welcome mat will also bolster the entryway and make it appear more inviting. Adding appealing house numbers as well as updating light fixtures will refresh your home’s exterior. If updating light fixtures is not possible, black spray paint will modernize outdated light fixtures. Even repainting your mailbox can improve curb appeal dramatically. 

Flooring is the first thing people notice when they walk through your door. Now is the time to replace the dingy carpet or peeling laminate with hardwood or luxury vinyl tile. Hardwood offers that timeless look and enhances any room. Luxury vinyl tile is waterproof, kid proof and pet proof, so it is made for anyone and any lifestyle. If you wish to go bolder, sage green and elegantly patterned carpets are expected to trend in 2021. Flooring sets the tone and aesthetic of a home so renovating your flooring plays a key role in the renovation process.

If the idea of renovations doesn’t send you into a panic, then consider adding an extra addition to your home. This past year has shown us how much we depend on our homes and many of us have had to adjust our spaces to fit our new lifestyles. Maybe after some evaluation you’ve realized that you need (or want) a home office, a space for the kids to play or an at-home theater or gym. From a time and money perspective, it is more advantageous to add a room versus searching for and purchasing a new home, plus the value of your own home will increase. Furthermore, you can oversee the entire process and customize the room to your liking. Room additions are best done in the spring as the drywall dries faster since it has assistance from open window breezes. Also consider adding a deck or patio or finishing an unfinished basement or garage to round out the renovation process. 

While experts recommend remodeling the kitchen every 10-15 years, remodeling all at once is not only extremely expensive, but also time-consuming. Between hardware, cabinets, countertops, backsplash, appliances and lighting it adds up. Instead, maybe choose a few from the list each year to remodel. Currently, trends for kitchens that are expected to dominate in 2021 include colored stone countertops, all- white or all-black kitchens, statement backsplashes, designated coffee areas, mixed materials, hidden appliances and cabinets in shades of green or blue. If there is one renovation to splurge on, the kitchen is undoubtedly it. 


If time is of the essence, keep your renovation as easy and simple as possible and still freshen and brighten your home with accent pieces. Between throw pillows, blankets, rugs, window treatments and decorations, these can easily lighten up a space, especially with warm and cheery colors. If you wish to take it one step further, fresh paint and brightening the trim will always go a long way.

The season of spring is meant for renewal and growth, but that doesn’t have to apply to just you! Your home deserves some extra love beyond spring cleaning, and renovating, no matter the size or scope, is the perfect way to do that.