Restoring Bathroom Tile and Grout

If your bathroom tiles are looking grimy, you may be considering re-tiling your shower or bath. Re-tiling requires replacing everything, the old tiles, the grout, and the caulking. But this is a lengthy and expensive process. Doing it yourself is difficult and time-consuming, and hiring a professional to do it will cost quite a pretty penny.
What are the alternatives to re-tiling if you still want to renew the look of your bathroom?


Regrouting will dramatically improve the appearance of the tile, with a much more affordable job. Regrouting is a much simpler process than re-tiling, and will allow you to give your bathroom a whole new look without the hassle.
So, if it’s simpler, I can do it myself right? Well, not so fast…
Doing a regrouting job yourself requires the use of specialized tools and there are many choices for grout and caulk, all with varying quality. All of this would cost you extra, and then you’re stuck with the materials which you may or may not use again.

Getting the Job Done

Your time is valuable, let us handle the job for you! We will scrape out the crumbling, stained grout without damaging the tile, giving the tiled surface a fresh new look by applying a new layer of grout. Restor-It can make your old tile look brand new again, and without taking you out of your busy life!
It’s a messy job, and getting the grout looking great takes a lot of patience and diligence. We have the expertise and know-how, let us do the dirty work, and you will have the satisfaction of a beautiful shower or tub in no time at all!
So, if your bathroom tile needs some work, call Restor-It today at 678-355-6645 or fill out our contact form for quick, professional service that you can trust!