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Resolution-ize Your Home!

Resolution-ize Your Home!

When that clock strikes midnight welcoming us into a new year, you’re possibly dreaming of ways to shed those last 15 pounds, or how to better budget your money, but you’re presumably not thinking of a New Year’s resolution for your home. If we had to take away one lesson from 2020, it’s that a home can, and sometimes has to, be more than a home. Whether it’s a classroom, an office, a gym, etcetera. As we navigate relying on our homes more than ever thought possible in this Covid-19 world, consider creating a New Year’s resolution that you’ll actually want to keep centered around your home and design a space you’ll want to stay in! 


Between closures and limited admittance, entertainment and recreational activities have become almost nonexistent since the start of the pandemic. Traditional guest rooms, basements and garages have transformed into in-home theaters, indoor bowling alleys, full bars, indoor golf simulators, climbing walls, arcades, art studios, gyms and libraries. In 2021 don’t be hesitant to repurpose a room by devoting it to a hobby or interest that promotes enjoyment. 


While at-home offices are not necessarily a novel idea, a leading trend we will continue to see is revamping our home offices, and if applicable, constructing at-home classrooms, which is foreign to many of us. In order to create a space outside of the office or classroom that stimulates your mind and encourages concentration, motivation and productivity, you first need to design a space that pertains to your individual needs and personality. Warm, energetic colors such as reds, oranges and yellows and the addition of better, brighter lighting as well as artwork and plants can boost your mental state and improve your focus. Investing in sound insulation and comfortable and ergonomic furniture will also make your zoom calls more bearable, and your body will thank you too. 


Thanks to soaking tubs, steam showers, aromatherapy shower heads and bathtub fillers that hold drinks, an at-home spa is the perfect substitute until vacations and spas become part of our daily routine again. A serene, relaxing oasis can be yours by incorporating soothing colors like blues and whites; tranquil waterfalls and plants; and calming aromas such as lavender and eucalyptus. To further relieve your stress and unwind, replace toiletries and hair products on your counter for candles and flowers. Having a separate and peaceful environment to indulge yourself is of the utmost importance nowadays since our work and personal spaces have become so intertwined. 


With our unprecedented extensive time indoors, an emphasis has grown on cultivating outdoor spaces that are interchangeable with indoor spaces. Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces surrounded by cozy couches and large tables to gather are quickly becoming a necessity. Outdoor heating lamps, fans and misters can solve any temperature problem and drop down screens, bug spray misters and screened-in porches will prevent mosquitoes from biting all night long. Large sliding or folding glass doors continue to grow in popularity as a way to reflect natural light. Tending to a garden is also a fantastic hobby to take up as this will keep you busy and outside and give you a sense of purpose. Not to mention it will enhance your landscaping. 


Beyond personalizing a more functional home for ourselves, additional leading trends for 2021 include going green with our homes by installing solar power and rainwater harvesting systems. The toilet paper scare of 2020 has also contributed to an interest and popularity in bidets. Experimenting visually with interior design will progress, which has consisted of installing larger tiles, inserting accent walls and mixing prints and patterns. Currently, earthy tones and warm colors are expected to dominate 2021 with a shift to a cottagecore aesthetic. Maximizing space through organization and durable and versatile pieces have become a priority now more than ever. Simply put, 2021 is all about livable luxury.