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Light Up Your Home and Street This Holiday Season!

There is always that house at Christmas. The house whose house puts all the other houses to shame. It is mesmerizing, eye-catching, it stops you in your tracks. From inflatables, to garlands, to wreaths to candles, it is a spectacular Christmas display. But, what truly ties it altogether are the Christmas lights. Check out the pictures below for some inspiration! 


Before you begin decorating the exterior of your home with lights, you need to decide what type of lights, whether it be LED lights or incandescent lights. LED lights, while often more expensive, are extremely energy efficient because they burn cool rather than hot, so more electricity is spent producing light and less wattage is being utilized. Their lifespan is typically two to three times longer, compared at 50,000 hours to 1,000 hours in incandescent lights. As LED lights are made out of plastic rather than glass, and offer a lesser likelihood of shorting or blowing, they are more cost-effective. Incandescent lights have their advantages too, however. Incandescent lights are much more affordable, have more lights per strand and are easier to install. LED lights are on a copper strand which is thinner and more easily tangled, even though the strand is shorter. With LED lights you will need more strands compared to incandescent, which will require not only extra money, but extra time for installation. Furthermore, Incandescent lights provide that classic Christmas look. On a positive note, both types of lights offer relatively the same color range and the same level of brightness. 


After you’ve decided on what type of lights, now you really get to be creative! What will the shapes, sizes and colors of those lights be? From teardrop shaped lights to round to globe to icicles and snowflakes and rope lights, there are endless combinations and possibilities of what the exterior of your home could look like. For reference, mini lights, C7, C9 and G12 bulbs are the preferred type of bulbs for outside. Mini lights and C7 bulbs are perfect for accents on the exterior of your home, such as doors or trees . Bulbs like C9 and G12 however, are bigger in length and diameter, making them more suitable for roofs. Most even stores offer string light nets that you simply drape over bushes and shrubs outside. 


No matter your style, whether it’s pure all white lights, Christmas-colored lights only or every color of the rainbow, you can still shake things up with your lights. String lights typically have a small control box with different settings for contrasting effects and displays. Standard effects include blinking, waves, fading, on and off patterns and sequential single colors. Some string lights even change colors and effects to various beats and rhythms of music. 


Remember some safety tips before you get carried away with the holiday spirit. Invest in a good ladder and insulated holders- they are safer than nails or thumbtacks. Plug in your lights before installation so that way you’re not fidgeting up on a ladder trying to fix them. Avoid installing lights on trees that are in close proximity to power lines. Always turn the lights off when you leave or go to sleep. When decorating the exterior of your home, stick to outdoor only Christmas lights. Indoor Christmas lights that are exposed to the elements outside can create a major hazard. 


Decorated house with christmas lights in San Francisco

Beautiful Christmas lights display.

Beautiful Christmas light display.