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Home Renovation Services

Our home renovation services are nearly endless. Most notably those are bathroom remodels and kitchen facelifts, but we do it all. Make your home fun and exciting with our new design taste and quality finished work. In addition to being great designers, we work with you, the customer, to listen to your needs and get you exactly what you want. That means that you are the most important figure in the design and renovation process. Therefore, our services start with listening and understanding. Here is a brief list of our home remodeling ideas.

Home Renovation Ideas

Any Renovation
Kitchen Remodel
Sunroom Addition
Bathroom Remodel
New Hardwood Flooring
Any Room Remodel
Basement Renovation
Finished Basement
Loft Spaces

Restor It Marietta Kitchen

How We Serve the Customer

Listening First

Listening to the customer is the primary way we discover perfect home renovation solutions. Most notably, asking clarifying questions and paying attention to details are two essential ways we serve.


We provide education to the customer so that they can make a well informed decision. While there are some nice contractors out there, few of them take the time to educate the customer. How can the customer make an informed decision if an expert doesn’t share their insight?

Great Products

Great products are an important part of giving customers the very best. As a result, our customers have longer lasting homes because of the quality products that were installed.

Multiple Services

We offer multiple services, so you, the customer, don’t have to look elsewhere to complete the renovation. While the project may take a small time investment from our customers, it’s good that they don’t have to spend more time coordinating with multiple contractors.

Fast Response

The team has a quick turnaround on customer requests. Most notably, our team usually sends out written estimates very quickly.

Superior Training

Restor-It has well trained employees with extensive certifications. As a result of our rigorous training, the customer benefits from the high quality work. Therefore, they have peace of mind during the remodel, and after it’s complete they will rest assured that it is going to stand the test of time.

Heartfelt Service

Great customer service is the backbone of our business. The most noteworthy company values of Restor-It are honesty and integrity. Consequently, these are the keystones of our customer service model.

Lifetime Partner

Restor-It is a partner for each and every one of our customers. As a result, they don’t have to look elsewhere for future contracting jobs. Furthermore, our emergency hotline is open 24/7. We’re always just a phone call away to not only remodel your home, but also to manage your damage.

Low Prices

Competitive pricing is one way we help our customers save money, but furthermore by having lower prices we give much greater value than the price.

Our Work Process

The following is a list of our work process from the beginning of a project all the way to the very end. The customer is at the center of our service.

1. The customer calls the office asking for information about home renovations.

2. Our office schedules for a Restor-It representative to go out to speak to the customer and discover their vision for the project.

3. The Restor-It representative sends out a written estimate for the work.

4. We process the estimate and email it to the customer with the cost of the service.

5. If the customer wants to move forward with the job it is scheduled after a service agreement is signed.

6. Our home renovation team arrives on the jobsite with the customer first in mind.

7. The job is completed by our professional, honest and highly certified team.

8. Consequently, the customer is 100% satisfied with their newly renovated home.

Low Prices

Many customers refer us to their friends and family.

Home Renovations Resources

Restor-It has numerous resources available for anyone. The most notable resource is our representatives due to their vast knowledge and experience. Don’t hesitate to call the office 678-355-6645. Furthermore, our flooring showroom is a great place to start if installing new flooring is a part of your home renovation project.

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