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Hardwood floors can transform a cold, stark living space into one that seems warmer and more inviting.

Hiring experts with a trustworthy hardwood flooring company like Restor-It will give you the best results in installing, repairing, or refinishing the existing floor you have. Furthermore, Restor-It is not just a hardwood flooring company but also experts in other types of flooring installation as well.

Required Maintenance for Hardwood Flooring

Unlike many flooring materials, hardwood flooring is not impervious to moisture and requires a little extra care to keep damage from happening. Humidity should be kept at a moderate level, spills cleaned immediately, and great care needs to be taken to avoid the use of cleaners that can compromise the surface.
Heavy foot traffic areas should be covered with area rugs, or carpet runners to keep the surface from being scratched and gouged. A little extra maintenance will keep it looking great for years.

When To Seek Hardwood Flooring Repair

You should seek quality hardwood floor repairs if the hardwood flooring is buckling, bowing, broken, partially worn, or otherwise seriously damaged. Your floor can have all these areas of damage repaired and look as good as the day it was installed.
An older hardwood floor does not necessarily have to be replaced to look beautiful again. Restor-It can provide hardwood floor refinishing that brings the surface back to its original elegance. Areas that are worn can be completely transformed and everyone will swear you had a new floor installed.

Choose the Company with Extensive Hardwood Experience

Not every contractor has the ability to handle hardwood floors. This is one job that you may not want just any old person with a saw and hammer to handle. Using an experienced hardwood flooring company like Restor-It will ensure you are getting the best quality and the best results.
The longevity of your hardwood flooring is directly impacted by the quality of your hardwood floor installation. The correct measurements, cuts, and placement over a prepared surface are necessary to ensure the floor will last. Only using hardwood flooring contractors that are experienced will ensure a beautiful, lasting result.