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Make Sure Your Carpet Is Looking Good

Keeping the carpet of your home looking good and free from strong odors is the desire of most homeowners, but this can be tough if you have a busy home filled with kids, pets, and numerous visitors. Call on the professionals of Restor-It to get your carpet looking like new once again.

Carpet Stretching and Repairs

Restor-it Technicians can also stretch carpet and perform invisible repairs to help bring your carpet back to its original condition.

Will the chemicals be harmful to my kids or pets?

All of the carpet cleaning services chemicals used by Restor-It technicians are hydrogen peroxide based, which makes them perfectly safe around children and pets. You can feel confident that our carpet cleaning experts will communicate well and help alleviate any concerns you have about the safety of our equipment, carpet cleaning process, and products used.

Smoking and Pet Odors

The strong odors left by smoking and pets can be a tough problem to solve. Carpet cleaning with harsh chemicals might help mask odors, but it does not eliminate them. Bob Rowley, owner of Restor-It is a Marine that has the resolve to fix any problem presented. He will create a customized solution to tackle your worst carpet odor problem and get rid of it.

Removing Noticeable Stains

Restor-It offers carpet cleaning services that focus on areas of heavy stain. Standard carpet cleaning companies will produce a generalized clean but leave many hard-to-remove stains behind. Our carpet cleaning process will concentrate the needed cleaning agents where they will be most effective. The results are a carpet that looks like new.

What can I expect on carpet cleaning day?

Carpet cleaning day is an exciting time of rejuvenation for your home. The process is simple, but we do ask that you corral any smaller children and pets to keep them from getting hurt. Here is what you can expect with our professional carpet cleaning services:

1. Pre-Inspection Walk

Determining game plan for any heavily soiled areas. You will get price quotes on heavy stain removal at that time.

2. Thorough Vacuum

This removes any loose dirt before the cleaning begins.

3. Pre-Spray

This is a time that the technician will soak any areas of heavy traffic soil and stains with cleaner that helps restore the carpet.

4. Extract and Rinse

The truck mounted hot water extraction equipment will get to work cleaning the carpet without leaving it too wet.

5. Post-Inspection

You can walk through the cleaned area to see the stunning results. We strive to meet your complete satisfaction.

How often will my carpet need to be cleaned?

There are many factors that vary the frequency and need for carpet cleaning services. You may need to hire Restor-It more often if you have light colored carpeting with a lot of foot traffic. More consistent carpet cleaning may need to be done if anyone in the house smokes cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. Pet odors can be another factor that determines how often you get your carpets cleaned.

Contact the carpet cleaning specialists at Restor-It and schedule an inspection and complete carpet cleaning right away!