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When Disaster Strikes

Call Restor-It 24/7 for Emergency Restoration Services

We Are Licensed & Insured to Handle Your Emergency

In the case of any unexpected disaster, time is of the essence. Restor-It is an IICRC Certified Firm, which means we hold the proper certifications to facilitate your restoration & remediation needs. Our emergency restoration services are available 24/7.

We are properly licensed, insured, and trained in all fields of cleaning, biocides, extraction, moisture measuring and structural drying – all necessary steps in properly returning your Atlanta home to a safe and livable state.

Restor-It flooring

The Emergency Restoration Experts at Restor-It Are Excited to Help You With:

Leaking, Broken or Frozen Pipes
Leaking or Broken Water Heaters & Tanks
Leaking or Overflowing Appliances
(Refrigerator, Washing Machine, etc.)
Overflowing Toilets
Faucet Overflow
Sprinkler Damage
Sewer and Water Backup
Water Intrusion from Storm Damage
Structural Rebuild Services
Fire & Smoke Restoration
Odor Elimination

All of Our Technicians

Are expertly trained and certified, which means you can feel good about your decision to do business with Restor-It. We firmly believe in treating our customers with kindness and integrity. We understand the stress that comes with this type of emergency situation, and we do whatever it takes to make this process easier for you as we restore your Atlanta property. And, with our 24-hour emergency service, we’re here when you need us most!

Insurance Claim Assistance

Restor-It has the necessary experience in communicating with and direct-billing your homeowners insurance company for all of our emergency restoration services. Beyond handling the damages itself, our services include creating a scope of work to be submitted directly to your insurance carrier for approval and payment. Our professional staff will provide insurance claim assistance to help facilitate your home being restored to pre-loss condition.

Most often our customers tell us that, as devastating as a disaster can be, Restor-It makes getting life and business back to normal a seamless and easy process.