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Goodbye traditional floors, hello COREtec engineered floors!

Goodbye traditional floors, hello COREtec engineered floors!

What if you didn’t have to make sacrifices or compromises when it came to selecting a new floor for your home? It might not seem conceivable to have the perfect flooring at an affordable price, with the look you want, that is comfortable and durable as well as easy to clean and maintain, but you can. 


COREtec has developed engineered wood flooring that combines all these qualities to create the ideal floor for you. Engineered wood flooring is constructed with multi-layers of plywood and wood that is installed in different directions to prevent expanding and shrinking floorboards, so it is extremely durable. At a lesser cost, it still offers the timeless beauty of a traditional hardwood floor. Engineered wood flooring is much more flexible in regards to installation location so long as the location is not too moisture prone and a protective moisture barrier is installed. Compared to traditional hardwood floors, engineered wood flooring is thicker, which contributes to their durability. Thicker wood will wear down less over time versus thinner wood. With their easy care and maintenance of a mop and PH-Neutral cleaner, engineered wood can last between 20 and 30 years. 


Beyond wood, COREtec also offers engineered luxury vinyl plank flooring in the form of wood plastic composite (WPC) and stone plastic composite (SPC). Engineered luxury vinyl plank flooring is constructed with three layers of vinyl, high density core board and attached back underlayment, typically cork, for extra protection. All of COREtec’s engineered wood flooring and counterpart engineered luxury vinyl plank flooring are known for their 100% waterproof capabilities, thicker build, durable nature and realistic look. WPC and SPC resemble wood and stone flooring, respectively, at a more affordable price point. 


Whether it’s a faulty appliance, burst pipe or spilled beverage (or multiple) that caused your water damage, COREtec has prepared for just that. Their waterproof, kid proof and pet proof engineered wood flooring and engineered luxury vinyl plank flooring is spill and splash resistant like laminate. When floors become saturated, the appearance and lifespan of floors is affected as it leads to discoloration and can cause flooring to expand, warp and peel. Furthermore, long-lasting issues can arise such as mold and thus unhealthy air. According to the EPA, mold growth can begin between 48 and 72 hours of water exposure.


Without the added worry of choosing the most durable floor, you can focus on the perfect style or type of flooring for your home. COREtec offers their original waterproof WPC core that looks like real wood with a cork backing that is more soundproof and easier on your feet. Their engineered stone flooring is slip, chip and crack-resistant that is softer, warmer and quieter than traditional tile. With an innovative protective coating, COREtec wood floors will never need sanding, stripping or sealing given their waterproof nature. COREtec Pro SPC core is designed to withstand commercial and high-traffic areas with its extra scratch and impact resistance and top and bottom layers for stability. No matter the choice, all floors come in a variety of unique styles, layers, colors, widths and lengths that will be sure to match your home and personality. 


As an added bonus, these floors are easy to install, repair and replace. Simply pop a plank out, click the new one into place and it’s replaced! Not to mention it can be installed on pre-existing floors. So as fast as your style can change, so can your floors- and at a better price too.