Stick a Cork in it (your floors)!

There’s cork boards, cork coasters and cork bottle stoppers, but have you ever considered cork floors for your home? Cork is a plant-based, natural, renewable […]

MORE Emergency

It’s an Emergen-tree!

As if 2020 didn’t cause enough stress and damage, Tropical Storm Zeta produced heavy rain and damaging winds in the North Georgia and Metro Atlanta […]

Hardwood Floor

Resolution-ize Your Home!

When that clock strikes midnight welcoming us into a new year, you’re possibly dreaming of ways to shed those last 15 pounds, or how to […]

Restor It Hardwood Floors

Which Flooring is Best?

Different flooring works best for different rooms. Read more to learn about what to consider before installing new flooring.


Upgrades for Older Homes

Having an old home doesn’t mean it has to feel old. Home improvement works on any type of house, and there are plenty of ways […]