11 Essential Home Renovations Buyers Want

9 Essential Home Renovations Buyers Want
Anyone planning to sell their home faces a quandary: Do you fix it up or renovate now in the hopes of making more in the sale, or save yourself the mess and expense and hope the new owners will make the changes they want? Interestingly enough, new housing trends emphasize simplicity and practicality. Below are eleven simple options to update your home and add value without breaking the bank.

1) Smart Technology

If you don’t have smart technology such as thermostats, consider adding them. Renovation experts with Better Homes and Gardens recommend several smart technology updates
to make your home more attractive to tech savvy buyers. These tools include sensors that can be synced with your cell phone to adjust the temperature of your home when you arrive. Smart home security systems are also quite popular and are a great way for parents with growing families to monitor when children arrive home from school.

2) Mudrooms

The space between the garage and the main body of the house can be easily changed into a mudroom. Consider adding a small shoe storage bench, a coat rack and a shelf for purses, keys and other items that need a spot. If possible, leave an open space for a children’s coat rack; buyers will be able to customize the space as needed.
Contrarily, you don’t need to add on a full mudroom. By adding just a few items to a spot near the back door, you can create a mudroom function with a small remodeling budget. You’ll need

  • 1) a small bench or seating area
  • 2) a mat or boot rack for wet shoes
  • 3) hooks for coats and backpacks
  • 4) shelves for keys, briefcases or purses

If you use a small chest for seating, you’ll have built-in seasonal storage as well! All of this can be attained by adding some simple built-ins and doing some minor interior decorating. Home buyers love functional spaces which they can use for their own home remodeling plans.
On another note, this is an ideal time to consider a flooring update; modern luxury vinyl, large format tile and manufactured wood flooring are all great options to update your floors and connect your new mudroom space to the rest of your house. You can even consult a hardwood flooring company in Atlanta for some great ideas about your Mudroom.

3) Kitchens

Kitchen updates are popular home renovations but can run into great expense. Luckily, there are changes you can implement that will bring your home up to date but not break the bank.

  • a) Cabinets: If your cabinets are in good shape, consider paint. Grey continues to be a popular color for painted cabinets and goes great with new black and white appliances and countertop trends.
  • b) Appliances: Brushed stainless steel finishes are fading, while matte-finish is gaining in popularity. Therefore, add matte-finish appliances to ensure that your home is relevant to buyers. In addition, design experts with House Beautiful recommend upgrading to matte-finish refrigerators and dishwashers. These appliances are generally black, easy to clean, and unobtrusive. Consider adding a counter-depth refrigerator for a sleek look if you have the space.
  • c) Countertops: Quartz remains a popular kitchen countertop product and is available in a variety of colors. Marble and granite appear to be losing ground.
  • d) Backsplashes: Here you can add a bit of variety. A pop of color or a metal tile accent will be well-received. Yet on the other hand the standard white subway tile is very popular and is a solid choice for most kitchens.
  • e) Fixtures: Look for bold, architectural pieces, and go for single kitchen fixtures. A tall, curving faucet in chrome will look great against your matte black sink.
  • f) Open Concept: Keep the kitchen design open. People are socializing in the kitchen and they need the space to move around. A peninsula addition can aid with storage while facilitating the free flow of guests.


4) Living and Dining Rooms

Keep your design decisions in the common areas as sleek and simple as possible. If you’ve got built-in storage, work to keep transitions smooth. Painted wooden trim should match throughout the house. Furthermore, all other aspects of home renovations need to stay consistent and uniform so that home buyers aren’t shocked and deterred.
If you haven’t opened up walls between the kitchen and dining room yet, be aware that open-concept is still quite popular. While this home renovation project can be messy, you can add some unique touches when you open walls, including curves and wooden trim to customize the change. These home renovations may be more expensive, but if the design is justified by a functional purpose, such as making a friendlier living environment for hosting guests, then it may greatly increase the value of your home.
Buyers are not looking for the traditional dining room anymore. In contrast, they actually want to socialize in the kitchen and living room. An open floor plan is very important because people have the freedom to socialize in the kitchen and the living room.

5) Built-Ins

Consider adding a spot for a computer or laptop for bill-paying. This can be done in the kitchen or in a corner of a living area. Luckily, the tiny house movement has promoted minimalism very effectively; you can consider adding a fold down desk or a wall mounted unit that will be easy to clean under or move as buyers prefer.
On the other hand, large built-ins around a fireplace are in high demand. These can be expensive if there is custom molding and other woodwork. Nevertheless, the main focus of functionality over frivolous design is a key principle for today’s young buyers. That is to say, having lots of nooks and crannies to store and display valuables is a real asset, but ornate design is not what most buyers are looking for. In summary, keep it simple and make sure that home buyers will have plenty of built-ins to use for storage and display of their belongings.

6) Home Entertainment Centers

Adding a custom home theater space gives buyers the chance to visualize their lives inside the house. Consider adding a silky carpet to a room for comfortable television viewing.
With the rise in media technology, more people are staying at home instead of going out. Instead of a couple going to the movies, they’re staying in to watch Netflix. In addition, Americans spend over 10 hours per day in front of any kind of screen. While those numbers are staggering, it’s important to note that buyers are looking for homes that they can spend a lot of time in. In conclusion, renovating your home to have an entertainment center is a great way to attract young buyers.

7) Outdoor Living

If you’ve got the space, a built-in outdoor kitchen is a luxurious home renovation plus in today’s market. While the kitchen is the heart of the home, a quaint outdoor kitchen is popular for entertaining in the backyard and can satisfy the right buyer.
Current trends include adding an outdoor ice maker for the hottest days and a heat source for the colder months. While the Summer months in Atlanta can be sweltering, an enclosed deck or sunroom can be just what a home buyer is looking for to beat the heat and relax.
For those selling small homes, expanding the outdoor living concept can be a real plus. Most noteworthy of all, outdoor spaces should be setup so the buyer can entertain his favorite guests. Therefore, keep entertaining guests in mind during your outdoor renovations.

8) Bathroom Updates

Stand-alone tubs and showers with an outdoor feeling continue to be popular. In addition, a rustic look or very dark wood floors are also really hot right now. If the process of adding a window near the tub is onerous, consider adding a skylight to let in plenty of sunshine and maintain privacy. New tile trends, including metallics, scale shapes and intense colors can be an option if you’d like a pop of color.
It’s important to note as well that spacious bathrooms are very popular. Home buyers want to have plenty of space to move in the middle of the bathroom. Also, this is especially true in the master bathroom. But, due to most floor plans, this home renovation option may be expensive. Walls may have to be removed and pipes and wires may have to be rerouted. Yet, simply adding a few more square feet to a bathroom could win over a potential buyer. So, talk to your contractor about pricing for this home renovation. If his price is unreasonable, you can always call us at Restor-It to give you a speedy quote for bathroom remodeling in Atlanta, GA.

9) Bedrooms

Experts currently recommend unplugging in sleeping areas and getting away from screens, smart phones and other forms of electrical light in the bedroom. If you add smart technology including voice command tools, consider placing them in living areas or hallways. Keep bedroom design simple.
Consider using a rich, saturated color on bedroom walls. If wooden trim is painted, a dark wood floor or carpet would be ideal. Keep this space simple and very peaceful. Many younger generations struggle to disconnect and your design choices in the bedroom can help them visualize making smart, healthy choices about rest and relaxation.

10) Home Office

Many millennials work remotely and they now have enough money to buy a home of their own. If your property has a dedicated office space, then that will really help buyers see themselves living in your home. But if your home does not have an office, it’s worth considering making the addition. This may not require a full-blown renovation, but it is an important way to showcase your home to young buyers. Furthermore, great staging of a home for buyers is crucial. They need to be able to easily picture themselves living and working in the home. To improve home staging, simply adjust your furniture to make one room be a dedicated office.

11) Home Workout Room

Physical activity has been becoming steadily more popular
Today people are exercising, working-out, playing sports and doing other physical activities much more than in the year 2003. The percentage of Americans who are active on an average day rose from 17 percent in 2003 to 21 percent in 2016. So, due to this increase in activity, home buyers are looking for a home workout room. This home remodeling project may require you to transform an unused garage space into a home gym, or possibly converting a basement room. You can finish bare concrete with a stain and sealer and it will be ready for mats and treadmills. If possible, set up the workout room in a space with great windows! Even a workout room that’s small can be a big selling point.

Home Renovations Young Buyers Want

The above list of 11 essential home renovations is useful, but think about what young buyers are looking for in today’s ever changing real estate market. These young buyers are driving the change in the real estate market.
What are the top three home renovations young buyers want in Atlanta?
We asked this question to a local Atlanta area real estate agent, Brenda Greenwood of Staged by Design Realty Group, who stated that

young home buyers look most intently at two rooms of the home, the kitchen and the master bathroom. Of these areas there are three primary home renovations that young Atlanta home buyers are searching for:

  1. Hardwood floors
  2. Granite counter tops
  3. Open floor plan

Also, here is some general overall advice for renovating your home before you sell, especially if you’re looking to sell to young home buyers.
Keep things logical. Young home buyers are in the market for simple homes. Opulence is out and functionality is in. Since the new age of working from home and digital media has arisen, people are not looking for the traditional dining room and closed floor plan. They’re looking for hardwoods, granite and an open floor plan. Also, the kitchen and master bathroom are the most important rooms to be up to date.
In conclusion, implementing some of these home renovations and home remodels can really make your home stand out to young Atlanta area home buyers.


Prepping your house to sell it can be frustrating and confusing. However, by working logically from stepping out of the car to turning in for the night, you can create a path through your home for new buyers. With the right touches, they can find their new home in your space. Furthermore, home renovations and home remodeling don’t have to be daunting. With the right partnership from a home remodeling company like Restor-It, you won’t have to worry about anything. Most of all, you may even want to stay in your newly renovated home instead of selling it.
We at Restor-It provide bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling services in Atlanta, Marietta, Dunwoody, Kennesaw and many more cities in Georgia. Also, we offer other services such as hardwood flooring installation and carpet cleaning.