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A Bathroom Remodel Project: Before and After

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Restor-It helps clients with bathroom remodel projects to modernize the space and increase the resale value of their homes. Take a look here at some pictures from one project we’re really proud of because we loved the results. And more importantly, so did the client!

Why Should You Hire a Professional for Your Bathroom Remodel Project?

You may see DIY (do it yourself) as the more affordable option. However, bathroom remodels can be complex. They can involve working around your existing electrical and plumbing (or even new work in those areas, too).

“Hiring a certified professional for remodeling projects is a must,” shares National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) President and Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer Maria Stapperfenne.

Stapperfenne adds, “DIY sounds good on paper, but homeowners are rarely prepared for the amount of work behind a remodel project; professionals provide much-needed insight into technical regulations and design innovations that the client isn’t even aware of.”

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