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15 Amazing Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The ideas for a bathroom renovation are nearly endless, but there are a few basic layouts that are more workable for those with either bigger or smaller available space. Completely renovating your Atlanta or Marietta bathroom can dramatically increase the resale value. Below are 15 captivating and fantastic bathroom remodeling project ideas to inspire you!

1 – Playful Lighting

1 - Playful LightingUsing brilliant white and soft lighting allow for more play using the natural light. The result is a crisp, clean feel to every corner of the renovated space. The oval tub is as inviting as a soft pillow after a rough day. It will be a bathroom you want to spend time enjoying.

2 – Total Body Rejuvenation

2 - Total Body RejuvenationYou can have an updated, modern look to your bathroom without an extremely high budget. Although this bathroom remodeling is still a work in progress, it already has the feel of contemporary flow. The priciest items are the over-size tile and large oval tub. There are alternatives to the natural stone tile which will bring the overall price to a comfortable level for this remodel. The recessed lighting helps set a mood of total relaxation and comfort.

3 – The Complete Escape

3 - The Complete EscapeThe subtle gold tones mixed with white provide a unique balance to the eyes. This bathroom renovation proves that you CAN have your cake and eat it too! Adding a few live plants around the garden tub would provide a vital link between the indoor space and beautiful scenery showcased by the peek-a-boo windows. The full glass-walled shower and “his and her” sinks complete the ideal escape environment for a couple.

4 – The Beauty of Mosaic Tile

4 - The Beauty of Mosaic Tile
No matter how extensive the bathroom renovation project is, you can never go wrong in using gorgeous Mosaic tiles. The deep, vibrant coloration gives depth to the room that is unsurpassed. Mosaic makes every bathroom look like you spent a million bucks! (Talk to us about tile options or visit our Marietta flooring showroom.)

5 – Total Decadence

5 - Total DecadenceIf you could change one thing in your bathroom, this is it. Switch to an overhead waterfall shower for the experience of a lifetime. You will be bathed in luxurious sprinkles of water that will take you away from the stress of this world.

6 – Bathroom Renovation On a Budget

6 - Bathroom Renovation On a BudgetA new shower liner, fiberglass tub, imitation stone counter, low-flow toilet, and updated plumbing fixtures can entirely transform your current bathroom. Add a splash of brilliant color to give it a whole new feel.

7 – Renovation For Any Bathroom

7 - Renovation For Any BathroomYou should never discount the ability to renovate the smallest of bathroom spaces. The curved shower and chrome accents give this bathroom a new-age look and maximize use of every area.

8 – Create a Romanesque Style Spa

8 - Create a Romanesque Style SpaRaised and sunken tubs are always the showpiece of style in a Romanesque styled bathroom motif. You can create this luxurious get-away in a small amount of space. Add a counter-top towel warmer for the ultimate in pampering.

9 – Victorian Elegance

9 - Victorian EleganceHigh ceilings, vintage looking fixtures, stand-alone tubs, and shimmering fabric curtains provide an elegant look that hearkens to a Victorian age of pure splendor. You can create the perfect spot to recharge your batteries and get rid of your worries of the day.

10 – Rustic European Vintage

 10 - Rustic European VintageA recycled bureau for storage and an elegant clawfoot tub provide a reminiscent feel of European vintage design. You will fall in love with the rustic country atmosphere this bathroom remodeling offers.

11 – Contemporary Art Deco

 11 - Contemporary Art DecoYou can show off your appreciation of modern art through expressive bathroom remodeling. Unique-shaped tubs, showers without walls, extravagant wall art, and modern sculptures can make this a very individualized creative space.

12 – Getting Back to Nature

 12 - Getting Back to NatureAreas with big windows are the perfect spot for a luxury bathroom with a view. A large, round, raised tub framed with all-natural wood gives the area the feel of an outdoor hot tub. Add a jetted-tub to complete the experience.

13 – Room for Two

13 - Room for TwoRenovating a master bathroom can be fun when you include items that are built for two to share. A gorgeous and comfortable double-tub, an over-sized shower for two, and double vanity provide plenty of space to include your love in your total relaxation experience.

14 – Scandinavian Loft Spa

14 - Scandinavian Loft Spa
The stark white ceiling, white oval tub, and chrome fixtures are softened by an all-natural wood floor. It is a practical demonstration of being able to utilize every available space to provide a better quality of life. Sometimes the simpler approach is the best one.

15 – The Ultimate In Relaxation

15 - The Ultimate In Relaxation
There is always room to add a jacuzzi tub, no matter what your plans are for the bathroom renovation. Nothing will feel better after a long hard day than soaking in a blissful jacuzzi built just for you.

Let these ideas inspire you to begin planning your bathroom remodeling project. And to get started, contact the experts at Restor-It and bring your dreams to reality! We service Atlanta, Marietta, and surrounding metro area. Give us a call at 678.355.6645!

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Photo by Christian Mackie on Unsplash